If I win my Deafness Claim how much of the compensation payment will I receive?

All claims are pursued on a no win no fee basis. If the claim fails or is withdrawn then no charges will apply. If the claim wins then the only deduction from the award will be the success fee which is capped at 25% of the compensation payment as well as the insurance premium which covers all the running expenses of the case.

The expenses include :-

1. Audiology assessment fee

2. GP notes and Hospital records fee

3. Acoustic engineer report fee

4. ENT medical consultant's fee

5. Court fees

You should note that the insurance premium is only payable when the claim is successful and the compensation payment is received by you. If the claim fails the insurance company underwriting the policy of insurance will pay off all the expenses incurred.

The insurance policy is there to protect you and means that you do not have to make any payments during the course of the case. As long as we as your lawyers consider that your claim still has a good chance of succeeding then the policy of insurance will remain in place and you will be fully indemnified for all of the above expenses.

If you would like more information about how your deafness case will be funded please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@johnson-law.co.uk