My friends say I can only claim for Deafness at work if I have buzzing in the ears-Is that True?

Definitely not! This condition is known as tinnitus. It is present in a high percentage of deafness claims but it is not a requirement to have this condition to be successful with a deafness claim.

It may mean that the level of the compensation will be less than somebody who has hearing damage and tinnitus but it will not prevent you from winning your claim.

As with all personal injury claims there will be a medical assessment as to whether the damage to the hearing is likely to be work related and an audiogram will be taken. The reading will assist the medical consultant in the case to establish whether or not there the hearing damage has been caused by working in a noisy environment.

Although the audiogram in itself is not conclusive it does provide a guide for the medical and legal expert who will deal with your claim.

If you have worked in a noisy environment and feel you are struggling with your hearing and would like advice from a legal expert...

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