My doctor has diagnosed me with reptitive strain injury (RSI) due to work - can I claim compensation?

My GP says I have repetitive strain injury (RSI) from work – can I claim compensation? RSI are sometimes difficult claims to bring against employers' Insurers. However as we have dealt with many RSI claims in the past we have the specialist lawyers in our Personal Injury Team who will work 100% to ensure you receive the correct level of compensation if you have suffered this injury whilst at work. If your job involves performing the same task over and over again for long periods of time sometimes without proper breaks then this could lead to RSI. Symptoms such as pain and discomfort to the arms, wrist, hand and fingers suggest RSI. It is also sometimes called upper limb disorder. Please refer to our Injury Type pages for more details on this disorder and injury. We would need expert evidence to confirm your GP's diagnosis – we want to ensure it is not a general or pre-existing problem. And we need to make sure we act fast - you must start your claim within three years from