I was injured working for the Armed Forces - Can I Bring a Military Injury Compensation Claim?

I was injured whilst working for the armed forces - can I bring a military injury compensation claim? Yes you can. Despite military employment being different from civilian employment the law still protects you if you are injured in an accident in the course of your employment and someone else is to blame. It is worth noting that you are still entitled to bring a claim whilst you continue to serve in the armed forces and that you are also protected so that your employer cannot prejudice how they treat you as a result of bringing a claim. Your claim for being injured in the Armed Forces should not legally affect your current employment with them. Any claim can take account of physical and/or psychological injury or trauma you may suffer. There are a number of reasons including you may have received injury including; •inadequate training •not having the right protective equipment •faulty or not properly maintained equipment •Injuries suffered during training exercises •Ac