Can I bring a claim for hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus against my employers?

If you are suffering from hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus and are thinking of whether you can bring an industrial deafness claim against your employers' Insurers then read below. Exposure to noise levels is a dangerous hazard at work that your employers have a duty to protect you against. In some noisy work environments this cannot be avoided however you still have a right to be properly protected from any long term harm or injury by either protective equipment, ear guards, regular breaks away from noisy environment and adequate training and machinery. You can also bring an Industrial Deafness claim where exposure to noise over time has caused a loss of hearing or a condition such as tinnitus. It is not just loud noise over a long period of time that can damage but very intensive noise over short periods of time. You should be offered regular hearing tests to assess whether any damage is evident and before permanent damage is potentially caused