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Injury Types

Types of Injuries for Compensation Claims from Accidents, Diseases & Injuries

Johnson Law Solicitors have been helping people with their claim for compensation for many years on a no win, no fee basis.  We have built up a solid and successful reputation helping the people of Bolton, Bury and Wigan and indeed the rest of the UK in claiming compensation for their injuries sustained in a road traffic accident, accident at work, industrial or occupational disease, accident in a public place or a sports injury.

Our Personal Injury team of Lawyers and Solicitors are experienced in bringing your claim for compensation to a swift and successful conclusion with the minimum amount of fuss and stress to you.

Types of Injuries we deal with:

This list is not conclusive but gives you an idea of the kind of injuries most people claim compensation for with Johnson Law Solicitors:-

  • Chest pain or chest injury including sternum, Sacrum and Coccyx
  • Slipped disc, back injury, broken back
  • Chemical burn, thermal burn or fire burn and scarring
  • Loss of limb or amputation
  • Broken limb such as broken leg, arm, hand, wrist, toe, finger, thumb, foot, ankle
  • Broken neck, broken hip, broken ribs, broken nose, broken elbow, broken knee
  • Bruises, brazes, cuts, lacerations, numbness, scarring, abrasions, scrapes & other soft tissue injuries
  • Loss of consciousness, coma
  • Inflammation, swelling
  • Heart Attack
  • Ear Injuries and ear damage
  • Dislocations
  • Electric shock or electrocution
  • Fractures, sprains and strains
  • Punctures
  • Hearing impairment such as deafness, hearing loss, tinnitus, acoustic shock syndrome, etc
  • Brain damage or brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Broken Teeth, Mouth injury, tongue and lips
  • Foreign body (object entering or piercing body)
  • Heat or fire burns / Freezing exposure or burns
  • Eye injuries, blindness or vision impairment, loss of vision
  • Breathing problems such as respiratory irritation etc
  • Skin problems or irritation such as dermatitis or eczema
  • Repetitive strain injuries such as VWF, RSI, CTS etc
  • Lung damage or disease such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural plaques, etc
  • Work related cancer
  • Stress related conditions such as PTSD claims, anxiety or panic attacks, depression, etc.
  • Cosmetic surgery problems and injuries
  • Poisoning injuries

What exactly is the compensation claims process?

To make this process as stress free as possible while you are coming to terms with your injuries while  you are trying to seek justice and compensation you so rightly deserve against the person or organisation to blame, we set out below basic information to help you understand the compensation claims process .  The main points to note are:


  • Obtaining All the Information: 

Before you start looking around for a Personal Injury Lawyer or Solicitor to deal with your claim for compensation, you need to remember that there are details we will need so we can assess your case.  You will need to remember the date the accident occurred and what happened on the day together with any names and addresses of any witnesses, if any.  If you are suffering from an industrial disease you will need to be aware of the date you were diagnosed of that illness or disease and the day to day job routine you were or are undertaking.  If you have suffered a trip, slip or fall outside, you need to ensure you take some photos of where the accident occurred and any close up photos of the object or paving stone you tripped over together with attending any hospital or GP who will diagnose your injury and make a note that you suffered this due to tripping or falling over the object.  If you have suffered any loss of earnings it is also a good idea to receive this in writing from your employer or previous employer but we can always obtain that for you on your behalf once we undertake the case.  If you have any available insurance documentation this will also be needed so we can check what you are and are not covered for.  Again this can be done after your initial call or appointment with us.

  • Finding the Best Personal Injury Solicitor:

You will obviously want to find the right personal injury lawyer to deal with your case – this could mean that you would prefer to have a more local Solicitor deal with your case for ease of getting into the office, or you might prefer not to ever want to visit the office and prefer to do everything over the phone or by email or by post.  Either options work with us as we offer free home visits (if you require) throughout England and Wales and we are also more than happy to deal with you solely either over the phone or by email. Our solicitors have accident claims offices in Bolton, Bury and Wigan, however we cover all areas in the UK.  If you have insurance cover that includes Legal Protection this does not mean that you need to use the Solicitors who your insurance company sells your case to.  These Solicitors might have paid hundreds of pounds for your personal details and not have the best track record of dealing with your specific type of personal injury claim.  We have over 50 years personal injury experience dealing with personal injury cases and have thousands of satisfied clients who were thrilled with the amount of compensation they have received through us

  • Outlining the case:

Once we determine you have a case for compensation we will send a letter to the other side’s Insurers detailing your injuries and the accident event and include the alleged negligence of the Defendant. A few weeks could possibly pass before the Defendant’s Insurers return to us with details on whether they wish to investigate the claim further, contest the case or accept liability (that their client was in fact responsible for the accident or injury). There is however a set period in which they must reply informing us of their decision

  • Settlement:

In the majority of cases the Defendant will choose a Part 36 Offer (they will accept liability and will agree to try to negotiate settlement of your claim without going to Court).  We will then discuss with you the offer and whether we feel it is reasonable given the injuries and losses you have sustained in your claim.  If all parties involved cannot agree the Part 36 Offer submitted or if the Defendant does not respond to our letters then we will advise taking the case to Court to settle.  If you agree to Court proceedings going ahead we will arrange for a date to be set and start to prepare your case for Court. At Court it will be very unlikely that you will be required to speak regarding your injuries and the circumstances of the accident.  If it is found that your claim is successful then the Defendant’s Insurers will have to pay for your compensation for pain, suffering and losses and the claims process will come to an end once that payment is made through both parties’ Solicitors.  We are here to make the Claims Process as simplified as possible with the least amount of fuss and stress for you.  That is what we do best.  We have settled thousands of claims for happy and satisfied clients who have stated in our client testimonials that they would not hesitate in using us again should the need arise due to the ease of claiming and have recommended us already to their friends and family.

How do I know if I can make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

How do I know if I am entitled to compensation

If you have been injured in an accident which was not your fault or developed an illness or disease through work then you should be able to claim compensation for injuries and losses.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims cover road traffic accidents, trips, slips and falls, accident in a public place, accidents at work or workplace accidents, sports injuries and industrial disease or occupational disease claims including deafness, asbestos related diseases and vibration white finger claims.

As long as you were not at fault and you did suffer any kind of injury or illness then you should be able to make an accident compensation claim.  Even if you were partly to blame for some of the accident you could still claim compensation for your injuries.  Speak to us today for free advice and help on 0800 130 0699 to see whether you have a claim for compensation.  Our specialist Personal Injury Lawyers will be more than happy to help you and put you on the right track in the process of making a claim, whether you wish to proceed with the claim or not. The choice is yours and you are under no obligation to use us, we are just happy to help and provide assistance.

What happens after I make a claim for compensation?

Your compensation claim will then take the next step in that you would need to prove that your injury, illness or disease was caused as a result of the negligence of the other party.  Once we become involved in the claims process as your nominated Personal Injury Solicitor we will take over and deal with the other side’s Insurance Company in preparing evidence against their client  and the fact that they were to blame and why.  This process will be as stress free to you as possible as we will deal with all the paperwork and evidence to build your case against the third party and their Solicitors.

In most cases the other side’s insurers will want to settle quickly and if we think the amount offered is reasonable for your pain, suffering and loss we will advise you to accept.   If not, we will advise you to take your personal injury compensation claim  to the next stage which is through Court proceedings but again we will deal with all of this for you so this next step, if necessary,  is as stress free as possible.

How Long Will My Claim for Compensation take to settle?

Obviously each personal injury compensation claim is different and sometimes more complex than the other so while some cases could settle within 8-12 weeks there are other cases that require detailed evidence and expert medical experts opinions, depending on your injuries and will take a little longer.  It is worth noting that the quicker a case is settled (as advertised by many other Solicitors such as settling your case in 4-8 weeks) definitely does not mean that is better for you as the Solicitors will be accepting the first offer from the other side without hesitation which would mean in the long run if they had obtained the correct amount of evidence and medical reports for your injuries you could have received perhaps 2-3 more times that amount and still settled it within a reasonably small period (depending on the type of case).

If you feel you may have had a claim with another solicitor who has settled your case for a lesser amount than you feel you should have received, you could still be entitled to make a claim against them for sub-standard service and incorrect level of compensation awarded.  Call us today on 0800 130 0699 to see whether you have a claim for an undervalued compensation injury.

What injuries can I Claim Compensation for?

The Different types of Compensation claims

When we deal with your claim for compensation we usually categorise this into two separate areas called general damages and special damages.

General damages deal with your injuries including pain and suffering you have incurred (and maybe continue to incur) as a result of your accident or illness.  We will obtain your medical notes and if necessary make an appointment for you to be examined by one of specialist medical experts who deal solely with the type of injuries or illnesses you are experiencing.  This heading also covers you for reimbursement of money for you not being able to undertake your usual day to day activities or hobbies which you carried out previously together with loss of earnings occurred (if any) and also any future loss of earnings, bonuses, pensions, promotions, etc., if the accident or injury was severe enough to stop you working at any point.

Special damages covers you for out of pocket expenses suffered due to your accident or illness and include repairs to vehicles, if applicable and reimburse you for your policy excess.   Special damages also include reimbursing you for travelling to and from your doctors, health centre or hospital, cost of prescriptions, any possible nursing care, any future rehabilitation costs including medical assistance and items such as wheelchairs, stair lift or adapted car.  You will also be entitled to claim compensation for adjustments that need to be made to your house (or replacement house suitable for your condition) if these are necessary to your condition.  In the unfortunate event that the injuries or illness results in death, further special damages will be paid to cover funeral expenses and dependent surviving relatives who relied on the salary of the deceased to live day to day, will also be compensated under the special damages category.

How long have I got to make an accident, injury or disease claim?

You have 3 years from the date of the accident or diagnoses of your illness to bring legal proceedings against the faulty party.  This is known as the limitation period and any claim brought for compensation after this time is usually too late and further evidence will need to be investigated as to why the illness or injuries were brought out of the limitation period set down.  The sooner you start your claim for compensation for pain, suffering and loss, the better as you will be within the stipulated time period allowed to bring a claim against the person or organisation to blame.  The only time when it is perhaps possible to request the Court to ignore the limitation period (3 year limit) is when the Claimant (the person seeking compensation) is under 18 years of age, the Claimant is diagnosed with a mental condition or disability or in certain industrial disease, occupational disease or chemical exposure cases where the illness or disease has taken months or years to advance to a diagnosis after the initial contact or exposure occurred.
If a Claimant is in the process of seeking compensation for an injury, illness or disease and they die then the limitation period (3 years) starts again from the date of their death which then enables members of their family to decide whether to continue with the claim on his or her behalf for compensation.

If you are in any doubt whether you can bring a claim for compensation and you think the 3 year period or limitation period might have passed, call us free today on 0800 130 0699 to see whether you can in fact claim for your pain, suffering and loss of expenses or even if you are a family member who has lost someone who you knew suffered injury due to an accident or illness, you can still claim compensation on their behalf to cover yourself and your dependent family.

How much compensation will I receive?

Every case is different so without knowing the full extent of your injuries or loss of earnings, the amount of personal injury compensation awarded can vary.    Compensation payments are paid by the other side’s Insurance Company for your pain and suffering incurred or still incurring.  It also includes additional payment taken into account for activities or work you cannot do now due to your accident or illness.  Accident compensation payments also cover any out of pocket expenses suffered as a result of your accident or illness or disease.   To assist your claim you should keep all your receipts and any invoices for expenses paid which relate to your accident and loss for example, medication costs, petrol and taxi expenses to the doctors or hospital.

Compensation payments will also take into account any loss of earnings since your accident or illness and also factor in any future loss of earnings, if applicable.

We also deal with many cases on behalf of Public Service Workers who, through no fault of their own, cannot return to work.  Public Service Works include nurses, doctors, police officers, ambulance staff, or firemen.  Compensation relating to injuries or illnesses on behalf of Public Service Workers is increased slightly due to the extra compensation awarded for “loss of congenial employment” which means that their day to day employment was “more than just a job” to them and they cannot undertake the job anymore due to their accident or illness.

Please refer to our Compensation Calculator for a rough idea of what compensation awards are paid, depending on the severity of your injuries or illness.

Receive the compensation you are entitled to and deserve, with the minimum amount of fuss, contact Johnson Law Solicitors or visit our personal injury lawyers in Bolton, Bury or Wigan.