Road Traffic Accidents

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Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents

Have you had a road traffic accident in the last 3 years? Where you a motorist, driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian?  Did the accident occur through no fault of your own?  If this is the case then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation for a road traffic accident even if you were in some way in part to blame for the accident.

Understandably, road traffic accidents are stressful, traumatic and most certainly upsetting for all parties involved.  Injuries range from minor bruising, cuts and sprains to unfortunately head injuries, disabilities and even loss of life.

Please see our detailed information pages on the left for specific types of road traffic accidents.

If you have any questions or just need someone to talk too regarding the procedure involved in bringing a claim for injuries and loss for a road traffic accident, contact us today, free of charge on 0800 130 0699, we will be more than happy to help.  We could help you with providing an estimate of what your injuries would potentially be worth.

It is also worth noting that Johnson Law Solicitors can ensure your compensation claim covers the following items as well for road traffic accidents claims, ensuring there is no loss or out of pocket expenses for you:-

• Compensation for your injuries
• Loss of earnings, if applicable
• Vehicle repair costs
• Damage to your personal belongings
• Recovery and storage charges of your vehicle
• Any hire charges incurred (if a replacement vehicle was provided)
• Policy Excess charges reimbursed
• Medical expenses and treatment costs
• Future rehabilitation costs and medical expenses (dependent on injuries)
• Any travelling expenses incurred due to accident
• Loss of use Claim (due to being without use of your vehicle)

We have dealt with thousands of road traffic accident claims helping our clients secure the best possible settlement they can whether their motor car accident involved a car, lorry, motorcycle or motorbike, bus, taxi, van or even a caravan / mobile home.  Your motorcar accident could have occurred on a country lane, on a busy road, car park or even on the motorway.  We have also assisted passengers in motorcars which have involved taxis, mini buses and coaches together with pedestrians or cyclists on the street who have unfortunately been injured by a passing car, bike, bus or lorry.

We can even help you bring a claim for compensation for your injuries if the driver of other motorcar was not insured or if you have been injured as a result of a hit and run motorcar accident.

We have specialist Personal Injury Lawyers who deal solely with motor car road traffic accident claims and have dealt with thousands of cases with great success for the people of England and Wales.

We offer free home visits no matter where you are in England and Wales.  Call us for free legal advice on your motorcar accident claim on 0800 130 0699 or email us at enquiries@johnson-law.couk

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