Accidents in a public place

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Accidents in a public place

Public Place accidents can be quite varied and include from injuries sustained in a car park, accident in a supermarket, pothole or grid on the pavement or even in a school or shopping center.  If you have been injured due to an accident which happened in a public place which was not your fault then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

For further information regarding a specific type of public place accident you have experienced please see our comprehensive list of accidents in a public place to the left.

Johnson Law Solicitors deal with accidents in a public place that include privately or publically Council run places such as:

Restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, shopping centres and malls, parks, car parks, clubs, train stations and railway lines, airports, gym, footpaths, public roads, universities, schools, garages, concerts, stadiums, football matches, arenas, shows, theatres, refuse sites and waste tips including recycling centres, beauty salon, hairdressers, nail salon, spas, fitness and leisure centres, cinemas, bowling alleys, garden centres, accident on public transport, hospitals, doctors, health centres or clinics, ice skating rinks, offices, swimming baths or pools, accident due to a faulty product, shops, pathways, roads, streets and so on.

This list is just an example and public place accidents can include any place where the public can use or visit.

It is the legal duty of all private and public organisations to ensure that the general public and visitors to their premises remain safe at all times.  Businesses, companies, councils, schools, colleges, local authorities and public authorities, etc., need to ensure they have, by law, Public Liability Insurance Policy in place to cover any such eventuality of an injury or loss to the general public.

Please see our detailed list to the left for any specific injuries or accidents you have sustained whilst visiting a public place or call us free on 0800 130 0699 for free advice on whether you can make a claim for compensation for an accident in a public place.